chicken kathi roll

Chicken Kathi Roll (Chicken Frankie)

Kathi Rolls are one of the oldest Indian street foods. Savoury barbecued meats or veggies rolled into Indian flat bread, layered with egg, rolled up into parchment paper, twisted at the end and served. Kati Rolls or Kathi Rolls were first introduced by “Nizams of Kolkata” a famous joint that sold kebabs and parathas and other Mughlai dishes in the heart of the city in 1930’s. Since then the kathi rolls are one of the famous Indian street foods.

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Keema Pav Mumbai-Style

Keema Pav Mumbai-Style

If youโ€™re visiting Mumbai and are looking to get a real taste of the city, try breakfast the way true-blue Mumbaikars have it: Keema Pav, one of the most classic breakfast dishes of Mumbai. It is like sloppy Joes with an Indian flavor. And if you are a fan of Pav Bhaji then you will most certainly like Keema Pav the meaty sibling to the vegetarian version. Spicy lamb mince served with soft buttery buns with slices of onions and lime makes it a true comfort food. A cup of piping hot Irani chai to go with it…heavely!

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