uzbek plov

Traditional Uzbek Lamb Plov (Pilaf)

Plov (pilaf) the king of Uzbek cuisine is served as a wedding feast and during all major celebrations as well as within the family circle. Dishes made of rice are known almost in every country of the region, but the Uzbek Plov, the recipe for which was created in ancient times, is claimed by locals to be a masterpiece of culinary art. It was handed down, not only from generation to generation, but from merchant to merchant and traveler to traveler, along the Great Silk Road.

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Spanish Choriza and Chickpea Stew

Spanish Chorizo and Chickpea Stew

This rather rustic looking ‘Spanish- style’ as I would like to call it, chorizo and chickpea stew is a favorite at our home. The rich, spicy stew really hits the spot on cold winter nights. I first tasted this stew when I was in Barcelona and got hooked to it since then. The stew is made with Spanish chorizo, Pata Negra (Spanish ham) and potatoes traditionally, but I love to bulk up with other veggies as well, while the base recipe—what I’ve shared with you here is always the same.

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