Achaari Aloo

Achaari Aloo (Spicy Pickled Baby Potatoes)

Potatoes (Aloo) are tempered with Indian spices giving them a zingy-tangy flavor. The dish gets its name (Achaari) and flavor from the spices which are usually used to make pickles like; Fennel, nigella seeds, cumin, mustard and mango powder. It can be enjoyed with simple daal and rice or rolled in paranthas for a quick bite or can be packed in your kids’ lunch box.

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nut and herb quinoa salad

Nut and Herb Quinoa Salad

Easy… Simple… Delish! This hearty, nutty-tasting, super-healthy, super-seed quinoa is spectacularly versatile. It is gluten free and can be added to almost anything: soups & salads or for stuffing. Ideal as a main course or light and flavorful side or a quick fix on busy weeknights, it is perfect in every way! The high protein seed has a fluffy, slightly crunchy texture and contains all nine essential amino acids.

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A hearty vegetable salad chock-full of corn, cherry tomatoes, Lima beans, bacon and other goodies. A delicious way to eat your fill of veggies. Because of the relatively inexpensive and more readily available ingredients, this simple mixed vegetable dish became popular during the Great Depression in the United States. A Southern staple, this medley of corn with lima beans and other vegetables makes an incredibly satisfying side dish.

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Keema Pav Mumbai-Style

Keema Pav Mumbai-Style

If you’re visiting Mumbai and are looking to get a real taste of the city, try breakfast the way true-blue Mumbaikars have it: Keema Pav, one of the most classic breakfast dishes of Mumbai. It is like sloppy Joes with an Indian flavor. And if you are a fan of Pav Bhaji then you will most certainly like Keema Pav the meaty sibling to the vegetarian version. Spicy lamb mince served with soft buttery buns with slices of onions and lime makes it a true comfort food. A cup of piping hot Irani chai to go with it…heavely!

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