“Eating is not merely a material pleasure. Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great importance to the morale” — Elsa Schiaparelli

Hello and welcome to Spoonfully yours!

I’m Ginni Puri. This is the place where I come to share a bit of my world, my passion for food and what inspires me to cook. My likes in food are wide and varied – from pickles to Prosecco! Apart from my love for food, I love nature, long walks, I love everything Indian (now you know my roots), music, poetry and mommy-hood.

I’m currently based in Shanghai with my family. Prior to coming here I lived in India where I was raised and worked until my move about four years ago. I love this city – it’s a hotpot of old and new with hidden delights that it chooses to share only with those who seek.

I had never seen myself as a blogger. Not until the time I recently hurt my back while exercising and had to spend more time at home than I usually did. I had all the time to experiment, recreate some old and some new recipes in the kitchen. It then occurred to me to document and share my 30 years in this journey of exploration with other foodies out there.

I believe a passion for food and patience are the keys to delicious, soul satisfying meals. My kitchen is where I’ve made some of my most beautiful memories. It’s where I am the happiest! Cooking fresh, seasonal, healthy and delicious meals for my family gives me immense pleasure. I love the aroma of the toasted spices, the simmering sauces…..it’s addictive! Watching the meals come alive when you add a dash of herbs or spices is exhilarating. Once you are hooked there’s no going back.

My affair with food began at a very young age watching my mum cook in the kitchen and playing around with the spice box when she was not around. Even today what inspires me to cook are memories of my childhood, my  travels, fresh-healthy ingredients of the season, the weather and of course the curiosity to live through a new culinary experience. But above all it is the satisfaction of watching family and friends together around the table having fun –  the strongest inspiration for getting in the kitchen and being creative!

The recipes on Spoonfully yours are meant to be fun and easy, ranging from – quick fixes to  healthy choices to indulgent and occasionally just decadent and sinfully sweet but ultimately, they’re all delicious. Here I shall strive to share some recipes of food I grew up with – Indian, some family favorites, and of course  recipes inspired by what I have experienced and experimented, read or watched through this journey called life.  Spoonfully yours is all about textures, aromas and soulful cooking where love is the main ingredient; love for food and passion for cooking simply adding up to delicious meals.

This blog is about you and me: my exposure and experiences with your culture, your food blended in a curry of my own and an attempt to become a small part of you.  Am hoping you will find some of your culture with a bit of mine strewn in here…

If you like and try my recipes, please feel free to take pictures and share them with rest of us.

Drop me a line with questions, comments, concerns, or just to say, “Hi”. Emails can be sent to –  spoonfullyyours [at] outlook [dot] com.  I would love to hear back from you!

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